Bubble Wrap Corn Wreath

Celebrate this yummy vegetable at harvest time with this fun printing craft!

Bubble Wrap Corn Wreath

Skill Level

Intermediate - Adult Supervision Required

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Put splodges of orange, yellow and white paint into your tray. Cut a small piece of bubble wrap and use it to print all over a piece of A4 yellow card.
  2. While that dries, thread the twine through the hole in the wreath and knot the ends. Then cover the wreath with brown self-adhesive felt. To do this, turn the felt over, lay the wreath on top and draw around the top half of the wreath with a pencil. Cut it out with scissors and stick it to the wreath. Repeat to make the bottom section.
  3. Next, measure and draw a box 6.5cms wide by 6cms high on some paper. Make a mark halfway across the bottom at 3.25cms. With your pencil, draw a u-shape from the top left corner, down through the mark at the bottom and up to the top right corner. Continue by drawing a v-shape that dips to 1-2cms above the halfway mark and back up to the other corner. Cut it out with scissors and use as a template to make 8 leaves from green self-adhesive felt in different shades.
  4. Draw another box 5cms wide by 9cms high. Mark halfway across the top at 2.5cms. Starting at this mark draw your corn shape inside the box, narrow at the top and wide at the base. Cut this out with scissors and use it as a template to make 8 corn shapes from your bubble wrap printed card (once it is dry) and cut them out with scissors.
  5. Peel the self-adhesive back from a leaf and stick it onto a corn shape. (The leaves should stick out from the corn a little to stick on the wreath.) Repeat for all the corn and leaves and stick them around the wreath to finish.
Bubble Wrap Corn Wreath Bubble Wrap Corn Wreath Bubble Wrap Corn Wreath

Top Tip

Make sure to have some wipes or a bowl of soapy water nearby to clean messy hands after printing!