Origami Owl

This owl is a tricky design and you will also need a pair of scissors for this make but this little owl is well worth the effort.

Origami Owl

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Start with a square of paper (you will need to cut a perfect square if you are using a4).
  2. Fold the paper edge to edge and reopen it, and then top to bottom and open.
  3. Turn it over and fold it diagonally point to point both ways.
  4. Bring the left and right corners towards you and down squash this flat when the two inner folds meet under the top layer.
  5. You now have a square base.
  6. Fold the bottom right and left diagonal edge of the front layer over to the middle to align with the central crease then unfold.
  7. Fold the top point down. This crease should run from the left to the right of the two previous creases.
  8. Unfold the top point.
  9. Now lift the bottom point and bring the edges in squashing it flat into a diamond.
  10. Repeat on the other side.
  11. This is known as a bird base.
  12. Fold the front and back triangle down.
  13. On the top layer, fold the top corners in to the centre line, and repeat on back.
  14. Form the wing by lifting from the inside, and twisting the wing forwards, then squashing down. Repeat for other wing.
  15. Fold top triangle down to meet the line.
  16. Then fold forward to create the brow and beak.
  17. Take scissors and just on the top layer make a small 3 cm slit up the centre line.
  18. Fold each half of the cut part outwards to create feet.
  19. Turn the owl over and snip just the top layer of the back of the head to create the ears and shape them as desired folding them up to be visible from the front.
  20. Now you have an owl.
Origami Owl Origami Owl Origami Owl

Top Tip

Be sure to use your nail to make each fold really tight for the best end result.

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