Origami Jumping Frog

Make a cute jumping frog with this fun Origami technique, then decorate it using gems!

Origami Jumping  Frog

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

15 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a sheet of green paper and cut it into a square. Then fold it in half vertically.
  2. Fold the top right hand corner down diagonally until it meets the left hand edge of the paper, and crease the fold. Undo it and repeat with the top left hand corner to create a cross with the fold lines.
  3. Turn the paper over and fold the top edge down horizontally so that the fold goes across the centre point of the cross. Then undo the fold.
  4. Turn the paper over and push the centre point of the cross down, then fold in the corners that naturally come inwards to create a triangle at the top of the paper.
  5. Fold the bottom right point of the triangle upwards at a 45 degree angle and crease the fold. Then repeat with the other bottom corner of the triangle.
  6. Fold the bottom edge of the paper upwards so that it meets the bottom edge of the triangle. Then fold the two side edges inwards so that they meet the centre line.
  7. Fold the bottom edge upwards to meet the bottom edge of the triangle again. Undo the fold and re-fold it, but this time pulling the bottom corners of the paper outwards. Then fold those corner points diagonally downwards to create the frog’s back legs.
  8. Fold the frog in half by folding the bottom part upwards, then fold the bottom section in half by folding the top edge downwards to create a ‘Z’ shape.
  9. Turn the frog over and stick two wiggle eyes on the top. Then decorate using green gems and gem strips.
  10. To make your frog jump, simply press down on the back edge and release.
Origami Jumping  Frog Origami Jumping  Frog Origami Jumping  Frog

Top Tip

It is easier to make the frog jump without the gem strip on the back edge.

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