Monster Photo Holders

These fun peg monsters come in really handy when you want to put your photographs or pictures on display.

Monster Photo Holders

Skill Level


Time to Make


Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint the wooden dolly peg with some red paint and then leave to dry.
  2. Open a pack of green air dry clay and take out about half and form into a ball. Turn the peg upside down and push the rounded top into the clay. Then push down the edges of the clay so the peg stands up by itself.
  3. Cut some small circles out of a yellow piece of felt and stick to the red dolly peg using glue dots. Cut some small triangles out of the same piece of felt and stick to the inside of the top of the peg.
  4. Peel off the backing of a wiggle eye and stick to the front of the peg, then use a black pen to draw a smile underneath.
  5. Wrap a red pipe cleaner around the back leg of the peg about half way up. Then cut the pipe cleaner to make the monster’s arms.
Monster Photo Holders Monster Photo Holders Monster Photo Holders

Top Tip

Stick a piece of self-adhesive foam to the back of your photograph to help it stay in place better.