Family portrait

Create mini characters out of wooden dolly pegs to make your own framed family portrait to display in your home.

Family portrait

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Decorate the wooden dolly pegs to create the different members in your family, using paint and felt for clothes, wool for hair, and draw their face with a black pen.
  2. Take the back piece off of two wooden frames and place to one side. Cut strips of a foam sheet the same length and width as each side of the frame and then stick to the back of it using double sided tape. Then stick the two frames together with the foam padding out the middle creating a deeper frame.
  3. Stick a blue sheet of paper to the back piece of one of the frames and then attach to the back of the deeper frame that you have created.
  4. Put a strip of double sided tape onto the back of each peg character and then stick to the blue paper inside the frame. Stick the parent pegs slightly higher up to make them appear taller than the children. Then cut some grass out of green paper and stick it across the bottom of the frame, covering the gap underneath the parent pegs.
  5. Paint the frame yellow and leave to dry. Then add the word ‘family’ to the top using the foam stickers.
Family portrait Family portrait Family portrait

Top Tip

Pull the ends of the wool apart to create wavy looking hair, or leave it how it is to make straight hair.