Butterfly plant decoration

Decorate your plants and flowers with this lovely butterfly plant stick craft.

Butterfly plant decoration

Skill Level


Time to Make


Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint the wooden dolly peg with some yellow paint and then leave to dry.
  2. Cut a butterfly shape out of a purple foam sheet, approximately 12cm wide. Cut a wide slit (the width of the peg and about 1cm long) into the top of the butterfly where the two wings meet.
  3. Cut four circles out of a blue foam sheet, make two of these 2cm wide and the other two 1cm wide. Stick these circles to the purple wings. Push the foam wings in between the legs of the peg, the wide slit that you cut earlier should hold them in place.
  4. Cut two small circles from the purple foam sheet, then cut two small sections from a yellow pipe cleaner. Glue the purple circles to the ends of these pipe cleaners and then stick to the back of the rounded part of the peg. Then stick two small wiggle eyes to the peg and draw a smile with a black pen.
  5. Glue a natural wooden craft stick to the bottom of the peg and leave to dry.
Butterfly plant decoration Butterfly plant decoration Butterfly plant decoration

Top Tip

If you want to place the decoration in a large plant, try sticking two natural craft sticks together to make it taller.