Hedgehog Fan

This hedgehog fan craft is a great project for kids of all ages to make this autumn.

Hedgehog Fan

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a sheet of light brown paper and cut it into strips lengthways. You will need six strips, about 1.5cm wide.
  2. Use double sided tape to stick a strip to each long side of a dark brown piece of card.
  3. Use a ruler to mark where the other strips will go, making sure they are evenly spaced out. Then use double sided tape to stick them down.
  4. Concertina fold the brown card to make a thin piece of folded card. Fold this in half lengthways and stick in place with double sided tape. Then let the folds open to create the fan.
  5. Take a piece of light brown card and cut out the shape of a hedgehogs face. Use a brown pen to draw on the nose and the inner ears, and stick two wiggle eyes to it. Stick this to the bottom of the fan using double sided tape.
  6. Take two wooden sticks and place them next to each other touching. Cut out a strip of card that is slightly thinner and shorter than the two wooden sticks. Then stick the card to the wooden sticks using double sided tape to attach the two sticks together.
  7. Tape the wooden sticks to the back of the fan to create the handle.
Hedgehog Fan Hedgehog Fan Hedgehog Fan

Top Tip

Make sure you measure where to stick the stripes otherwise they may not line up.