Hedgehog Brooches

These jolly Fimo hedgehogs can be made in a selection of different colours and are perfect as Autumn gifts. As well as brooches, they could be turned into fridge magnets or as used as card toppers.

Hedgehog Brooches

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes + baking and cooling time for Fimo

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. For the hedgehog’s head, shape half a Fimo strip into a flat triangle, about 5mm deep and 2.5cm long.
  2. To make the body, shape 2 Fimo strips into a ball then press into a flat oval. Flatten one end with a modelling tool.
  3. Shape the flat end of the body into a curve, then press it on top of the head, so the 2 pieces are slightly overlapping, making the whole hedgehog about 6cm in length.
  4. Use the flat end of a modelling tool or a cocktail stick to make a prickly pattern.
  5. Roll Fimo balls for the eye and nose. Make a dot in the middle of the eye with a cocktail stick or add a tiny Fimo ball.
  6. Bake Fimo models at 110C in a pre-heated oven, following instructions on the packet. Allow to cool before handling.
  7. Glue a wiggly eye onto the hedgehog’s head and a brooch pin onto the back, to make it extra secure, use a strong adhesive or a glue gun to attach the pin.
Hedgehog Brooches Hedgehog Brooches Hedgehog Brooches

Top Tip

To make baby hedgehogs or smaller sizes, use a smaller quantity of Fimo - 1/4 strip for the head and 1 strip for the body.