Autumn Woodland Scenes

Wooden backgrounds and natural leaves are ideal for making Autumnal style decorations. Try adapting these designs into different scenes by varying the arrangements and colours.

Autumn Woodland Scenes

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes + baking + cooling time for Fimo

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

    Fimo Red Squirrel

  1. Knead together 2 x strips of brown Fimo and 2 x strips of orange Fimo until they are evenly blended. Use this as the main colour for your squirrel, or alternatively use grey or another colour.
  2. Shape a 1cm Fimo ball into the head, making one end more pointed.
  3. Shape a 2cm Fimo ball into a pear shape for the body. Press a thin, flat white Fimo strip onto the front of the body.
  4. Press the head onto the body with a small, curved strip for the arm.
  5. Press a small ball below of the body for the foot with a flattened circle for the leg.
  6. Press 2 small triangles onto the head for ears then blend in with a modelling tool. Add a black nose.
  7. Shape a 2cm Fimo ball into a curved tail shape, making it thinner at one end. Press the thinner end onto the squirrel’s body.
  8. Model a Fimo acorn or nut for the squirrel to hold.
    Fimo Mushroom

  1. Shape 1 Fimo strip for the top of the mushroom. Press it into a triangle shape with a curve along the bottom edge.
  2. Shape half a Fimo strip into the stalk. Press it under the top of the mushroom.
  3. Roll some tiny Fimo balls then press onto he top of the mushroom for spots.
  4. To make a smaller sized mushroom use less Fimo clay.
  5. Bake Fimo models at 110C in a pre-heated oven, following instructions on the packet. Allow to cool before handling.
    To build a scene:

  1. Smooth the surface of the willow circle with medium grade sandpaper. The easiest way is to tape the sandpaper onto a work surface then rub the circle firmly over the top.
  2. Glue the hardened and cooled squirrel or mushroom models to the middle of the wooden circle with some natural leaves around the edge. Glue a wiggly eye onto the squirrel. Leave to dry.
  3. Lightly brush the leaves with white paint to highlight the texture.
  4. Glue a loop of jute twine onto the back of the wooden circle. Leave to dry thoroughly before hanging up.
Autumn Woodland Scenes Autumn Woodland Scenes Autumn Woodland Scenes

Top Tip

Keep your fingers clean with wet wipes so the darker Fimo colours don’t transfer onto the lighter ones. It’s easier to make Fimo models on a baking tray covered in baking paper or on a glazed tile so they can be transferred straight into an oven.