Easter Egg Garden

An Easter garden makes a cheerful table centre piece or window decoration.The garden design can be adapted with your own details and personal touches.

Easter Egg Garden

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours + drying time for glue

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint some mini wooden eggs and flowers in pastel colours. To make a pastel shade, mix white paint with a brighter colour. Check the paint has covered the outside edges and inside patterns, leave to dry then paint on the reverse. Leave to dry.
  2. To make a tree branch, overlap the ends of 2 pipe cleaners by 10-15 cm. Twist the pipe cleaners together into a longer section, approximately 40cm in length. Make 5 more branches in the same way.
  3. Cut 6 x tissue paper rectangles 40cm x 8cm. Use dark brown tissue, or choose another colour if you prefer. Brush glue over one of the tissue paper pieces then wrap it around a pipe cleaner branch. Twist the branch so the tissue neatly covers the whole length. Repeat to cover all the branches with tissue in the same way.
  4. To make the branches into curly shapes, wind about 2/3 of the branch ends around a pencil for a tight coil, or use thicker paintbrush for a looser shape. Leave 1/3 uncurled at one end for the tree trunk.
  5. To assemble the tree, hold the straight sections of the branches together. Twist a new pipe cleaner over the top to thicken the trunk and hold the branches together. Leave 2cm uncovered so the ends of the pipe cleaners can be bent outwards at the base. Brush glue over the trunk then wrap a strip of brown tissue paper over the top. Leave to dry.
  6. To make the garden base, glue 2 large paper plates together. To make a mound for the tree to stand on, tightly twist a sheet of tissue paper then stick it onto the base, pressing the tissue firmly down into a circular coil shape. Use masking tape strips to hold it in place.
  7. Open out out the bendy ends on the tree trunk then glue it in place on the mound or use masking tape strips.
    Brush plenty glue around the tree trunk and all over the garden base then cover it with brown (or use another colour) tissue paper strips. This tissue layer helps to strengthen the tree and provides a base colour for the garden. Leave to dry.
  8. Brush more glue over the base then press moss, raffia, branch chips on top. Glue the painted wooden flowers onto garden with chicks and nests.
    Lightly brush white paint (or use another colour) over the tree for a textured effect on the truck and branches.
  9. Cut 10cm lengths of coloured wire to hang the painted eggs. Thread the wires through the holes in the eggs. Attach the eggs by twisting the wires around the branches so they are securely attached. Trim the ends of the wires with scissors.
  10. Trim around the edge of the garden base to neaten any overhanging moss or raffia. Arrange the tree branches and hanging eggs by bending them into position.
Easter Egg Garden Easter Egg Garden Easter Egg Garden

Top Tip

To make thicker branches for the tree, use 3 or 4 pipe cleaners twisted together. To make shorter branches, cut one of the twisted pipe cleaners in half. To widen the trunk shape, add an extra pipe cleaner to make a wider shape.