Easter Mini Cards

Create your own unique range of Easter cards combining wooden shapes with colourful backgrounds and printed patterns.

Easter Mini Cards

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour + drying time for paint + glue

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. To make a printed Easter Egg design: Mix up some poster paint colours in a mixing tray. To make a pastel shades, mix white paint with a brighter colour.
  2. Carefully brush a pale coloured paint over a solid mini wooden egg shape, turn it over then press it onto card to make a print then lift it up. Repeat to make a couple more solid coloured egg prints in different colours. Leave to dry.
  3. To add pattern over the solid coloured egg, brush a brighter coloured paint onto a decorative wooden egg shape. Before making a print, check the shape has been evenly painted. Remove any excess paint from around the edge with a cotton bud. If holes and cut out details on the shape have filled in, push a cocktail stick through the shape to clear the paint. Turn the egg shape over so it fits over the solid colour print, press down then lift it up. Repeat to make more patterned eggs over the solid colours in the same way.
  4. Print some foliage with a wooden leaf shape. Print the Easter egg strings using the edge of a card strip to make thin lines. Leave to dry. Trim the printed design then stick it onto a folded background card.
  5. To paint Easter wooden embellishments: Stick a strip of double-sided tape onto some scrap paper then press the mini wooden Easter shapes or wooden letters on top. Stick the shapes lightly at the edges, just enough to hold them still. Brush coloured poster paint or metallic acrylic paint over the shapes and around the edges. Leave to dry. Alternatively, the shapes can be left unpainted for a natural look. Carefully lift the painted shapes off the sticky tape then glue onto a card background.
  6. To make a Washi Tape background: Work on a piece of white card slightly bigger than your finished card size. One at a time, tear off strips of coloured Washi tape, stick them onto white card so they overlap. Press down the tape to make sure the pieces are flat then trim the edges to fit your card size.
  7. To make an Easter Egg shape with a background colour: Place a painted mini wooden egg onto coloured paper. Draw around the egg then cut out the matching paper shape. Lightly apply glue to the back of the wooden egg with a cocktail stick then stick it onto the paper shape.
Easter Mini Cards Easter Mini Cards Easter Mini Cards

Top Tip

To colour in mini wooden characters like the Easter bunny, keep the paint fairly thin so the colour doesn’t obscure the design on the wood. Rub off any excess paint with a cotton bud.