Floral Wreath

Combine bright printed colours with stripy patterns for a fresh Springtime wreath using Washi Tape.

Floral Wreath

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours + drying time for glue

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Stick 2 craft wreaths together with 4 x 12cm pieces of masking tape. Wrap each piece of tape around the wreath so they are evenly spaces at quarter intervals then stick the ends down on the back. Tear off more masking tape strips to cover the wreath until none of the card is visible. The light colour of the masking tape will help the Washi tape colours appear brighter.
  2. Choose a 3 or 4 Washi tape colours for the wreath. Tear off 12cm Washi strips then wrap them around the wreath one at a time. Smooth down each strip on the front and back of the wreath. You can create a striped pattern by spacing the colours regularly or stick them in a more random way.
  3. Paste a layer of PVA over the Washi tape on the front of the wreath. If the ends of the strips peel up on the back, fix them with sticky tape or brush over the ends with glue. Leave to dry.
  4. To make striped flowers, stick strips of Washi tape onto white card. Use several different colours so there are variations for the petals and flower middles. Brush over the Washi strips with PVA then leave to dry. For each flower, cut out 5 or 6 simple petal shapes then glue together. Cut a circle for the middle of the flower.
  5. To make striped leaves, stick strips of Washi tape onto white card using several different greens, brush with glue, dry then cut into leaf shapes.
  6. To make printed flowers, dab coloured ink onto flower foam stampers then print onto card. Print flowers in a couple of different colours so the middles can be cut out separately. Clean the flower stamp thoroughly with wet wipes and dry with paper towel before using a different colour. Leave the prints dry then cut around the petal shapes leaving a thin white border around the edges. Cut out some flower middles so these can be added separately.
  7. Glue the cut out middles onto the flowers, or use foam stickers then glue the flowers onto the wreath with leaves. Tie a piece of ribbon or twine around the wreath to hang it up.
Floral Wreath Floral Wreath Floral Wreath

Top Tip

For a more faded effect on the printed flowers, make a print onto card then make a second print without re-applying new paint, so the colours are lighter.

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