Easter Canvas Painting

Add a splash of colour to your home with this vibrant Easter canvas painted with fluorescent flowers.

Easter Canvas Painting

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours + drying time for paint

How to Make

  1. Start by cutting out some flower masks from card. Draw 10 circles onto white card in varying sizes between 4cm and 8cm in diameter, draw 5 or 6 petals using the circle as a guide, then cut them out. Cut out some small card leaf shapes.
  2. Arrange the flowers and leaves onto the oval canvas, then lightly stick them down with smalls strips of double-sided tape.
  3. Choose a paint colour for the background then use a sponge dabber to apply the paint over the canvas, along the edges and over of the cut-out flowers and leaves. You could add a second colour to the background. Leave to dry.
  4. Carefully peel off the card flower and leaf masks. The canvas will now have a pattern with blank white flower and leaf shapes.
  5. Place each card mask onto a 10cm x 10cm piece of card. Draw around the masks using a pencil to make a series of flower and leaf outlines. Using the outlines as a guide, draw a smaller flower or leaf in the middle of each shape. Cut into the middle of each piece of card and cut out the flowers and leaves to make stencils. Tape over the join at the edge of the stencils with sticky tape.
  6. Lightly mark the middle point of each white flower on the canvas in pencil. Starting at the top of the canvas, place one of the flower stencils over the canvas so it is positioned over the middle of the flower. Sponge paint over the stencil then lift it away from the canvas. This should create a coloured middle on the flower with a white border. Use the card stencils in the same way to add paint to the middles of all flowers and leaves on the canvas. Leave to dry.
  7. Fill in the white areas around the edge of the flowers and leaves using the Day Glow Paint Sticks, or brush some fluorescent paint around the edges of the petals. Add middles to the flowers with paint sticks, and use them to make dotted patterns on the background and around the flower petals. Dotted prints can also be made using a cotton bud dipped into paint. Dip a small strip of card in paint to print lines on the leaves. Leave to dry.
Easter Canvas Painting Easter Canvas Painting Easter Canvas Painting

Top Tip

Work out your colour combinations and practice sponging paint on scrap paper before painting the finished canvas. For sponging over the cut-out masks and stencils, apply the paint lightly to start with. To make a colour brighter, leave the first layer to dry then apply another light layer on top. Any excess paint on the sponge can be dabbed off onto scrap paper.

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