Bouquet of Flowers

Present your Mum with an everlasting bouquet of bright blooms. A fabulous gift for Mother’s Day or her birthday!

Bouquet of Flowers

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Hold two pipe cleaners together and bend a loop in the top of both. Twist the pipe cleaners together tightly along the whole length.
  2. Cut a 15cm wide band from the end of a roll of crepe paper. Unroll and cut a length about 70cm from this. Fold this strip in half along the length.
  3. Spread some PVA glue along the edge of the strip and begin wrapping this around the loop of the pipe cleaner, gathering the paper as you go.
  4. Once all the strip has been wrapped around the top of the stem, secure it with some tightly tied elastic and gently stretch out the crepe to make a realistic paper rose.
  5. Cut some leaf shapes in a strip of green crepe. Glue the straight edge and wrap it around the base of the rose to make the sepals.
  6. Cut a long 4cm wide strip of green crepe paper and glue all along the length of the rose. Wrap the strip around the base of the sepals and then down the whole length of the pipe-cleaner to make a green stem. Finish by tying ribbon around the stems of the bouquet into a bow.

Top Tip

Try chrisantemum in the same kind of way by cutting slits in the folded edge of the paper strip to start with.