BBQ Handprint Card

If Dad is king of the barbeque, then he will love this BBQ themed handprint card – Perfect for Father’s Day!

BBQ Handprint Card

Skill Level

Beginner - Adult Supervision Needed

Time to Make

30 minutes + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut out all your shapes on the correct coloured card using the templates. Colour the white shapes silver with your silver deco paint pen. Stick the silver BBQ grill at the top of the BBQ base. Use a black pen to draw vertical lines onto the grill.
  2. Colour three wooden craft sticks using a silver deco pen. Glue the sticks onto the bottom of the BBQ base as the legs.
  3. Paint your hand in red and print it onto a piece of white card. Paint the other hand orange and repeat. Once dry, cut out the hand shapes. Write your message on each of them. Glue the hands onto the BBQ grill.
  4. Using a black pen, draw three lines onto the spatula. Then draw a black dot at the bottom of the spatula and tongs. Glue them both onto the top of the BBQ lid. Stick ‘Daddy’s BBQ’ onto the BBQ lid with some red foam letters.
  5. Cut three small rectangles out of black card, one slightly bigger than the other two. Lay the smaller rectangles vertically, a few centimetres apart. Glue the bigger rectangle horizontally along the top, to create the BBQ lid handle. Glue it at the top of the BBQ lid on the back, with the top poking out from the front.
  6. Poke a split pin through the bottom left corner of the BBQ lid. Then poke it through the top left corner of the BBQ base, just underneath the BBQ grill. Split the pin at the back to secure it in place.
BBQ Handprint Card BBQ Handprint Card BBQ Handprint Card

Top Tip

Add a third handprint in yellow paint for an even bigger flame!