Dad Photo Frames

Re-create your own dad into a photo frame as a special gift for him for Father’s Day

Dad Photo Frames

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut out the head template onto your chosen skin coloured card. Cut out the shoulder, collar, and sleeve templates onto your chosen coloured card for the shirt. Do this with the photo frame template too, unless the shirt will be kept white. If you want any pattern on your shirt, draw it on the sleeves, collar shoulders and frame with a marker pen.
  2. Glue the shoulders onto the head template so that they align. Glue the head and shoulders onto the top of the back of the frame. Glue the sleeves onto each side of the frame. Unless staying white, glue on your coloured card frame onto the photo frame.
  3. Cut out the tie templates onto your chosen coloured card. Glue the top part of the tie onto the top of the photo frame in the middle. Then glue the bottom part of the tie to the bottom of the photo frame, aligning with the top part.
  4. Glue the bottom of the collar at the top of the photo frame, so that it sits on the tie, just under the neck. Do not glue the collar to the shoulders, so that you are still able to put your photo in
    the frame.
  5. Take a bumpy pipe cleaner in your chosen hair colour. Cut out all the fluffy parts, and glue them individually on to the head to create hair. Stick on the wiggle eyes, and draw on the eyebrows, nose, and mouth using marker pens. Have fun with this – add all your dad’s little quirks like freckles or bushy brows! You could even use more bumpy pipe cleaners for facial hair.
Dad Photo Frames Dad Photo Frames Dad Photo Frames

Top Tip

If the head flops backwards a little, glue a craft stick to the back of it to keep it upright.



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