Secret Message Space Rocket

Launch your creativity and show your dad he is out of this world on Father’s Day with this space rocket card.

Secret Message Space Rocket

Skill Level

Intermediate - Adult Supervision Required

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cover a piece of white card with some Starry Sky paper and stick it in place.
  2. Cut along a cardboard tube length ways. Fold in the two ends, so that half of the tube is still 3D. Colour in the 3D part with a blue deco paint pen. Stick the two flat parts onto the Starry Sky paper with some double-sided tape.
  3. Cut out the triangle template onto some orange card for the rocket roof. Cut out the rectangle template onto white card. Stick the white card at the bottom of your rocket roof. Write your message onto the white card. Prop your rocket roof on top of the rocket with the message card sitting inside as a surprise.
  4. Cut out two smaller orange triangles and glue them either side of the rocket at the bottom. Then cut out a small orange circle and draw a smaller circle inside it with a silver deco paint pen. Draw dots around the silver circle with a black deco paint pen. Glue the circle in the middle of the rocket. This is the rocket window.
  5. Cut seven pieces of orange wool, seven pieces of red wool and seven pieces of yellow wool to 10cm each. Line some double-sided tape inside the bottom of the rocket and stick each piece of wool to the double-sided tape, so that the wool is coming out of the bottom of the rocket. Secure the wool with another piece of double-sided tape on top.
  6. Cut out various sized circles in different coloured card. Glue them around the rocket to create planets. Draw wavy lines on and around them with different colours.
  7. Write ‘DAD’ in the top corner with a silver and yellow deco paint pen.
Secret Message Space Rocket Secret Message Space Rocket Secret Message Space Rocket

Top Tip

The more strands of wool you add, the thicker your fire will be.