Secret Message Space Rocket

Launch your creativity and show your dad he is out of this world on Father’s Day with this space rocket card using a recycled cardboard tube.

Secret Message Space Rocket

Skill Level

Intermediate - Adult Supervision Required

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cover a piece of white card with Starry Sky paper and stick it in place.
  2. Cut a cardboard tube lengthways and fold the back in to lie flat. Colour in the front of the tube with a blue deco pen. Stick it onto the stary sky with double sided tape.
  3. Cut out the triangle template and draw around it twice on orange card.
  4. Cut one of the orange triangles in half and stick either side of the rocket.
  5. Draw and cut out a circle (you can draw around a glue stick lid or ten pence/ two pence coin) from orange card, and then draw an inner circle using a silver deco pen. Draw dots around the edges. Stick the circle onto the front of the rocket.
  6. Measure and cut 7 orange, 7 red and 7 yellow wool pieces (10cm).
  7. Use double sided tape to stick the wool inside the carboard tube.
  8. Using the template, draw and cut out a rectangle from white card. Then stick the orange triangle on one end of the rectangle with double sided tape. Write ‘Dad, you’re out of this world! From Sam x’.
  9. Slide the card inside the rocket.
  10. Cut 3 circles from coloured card. Stick the circles around the rocket and draw wavy lines on them to create planets.
  11. Write ‘DAD’ in the top right corner with a silver and yellow deco pen.
Secret Message Space Rocket Secret Message Space Rocket Secret Message Space Rocket

Top Tip

The more strands of wool you add, the thicker your fire will be.