April Showers Window Hanger

Have a go at bubble printing to make this cute little raincloud window hanger.

April Showers Window Hanger

Skill Level

Medium - Hard

Time to Make

20 Minutes plus drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a mug and fill it quarter full with warm water.
  2. Then squirt a generous amount of washing up liquid or liquid soap into the water
  3. Then take the blue paint and mix in two big squeezes. Mix well.
  4. Then using a paper straw blow bubbles into the mug until the paint bubbles come over the edge of the mug
  5. Print these bubbles onto your watercolour paper by lightly touching the paper onto the bubbles
  6. Once you have a few sheets leave them to dry
  7. Cut out various sized of raindrops using the template making sure you have pairs of each size you will need roughly 14 pairs
  8. Cut 4 long strands of thread
  9. Stick the drops onto the tread by sandwiching them either side of the thread with super tacky glue you will fit 3 or 4 on each thread.
  10. Tie the top of each string onto a kitchen roll tube and spread them out evenly.
  11. Then using the template cut out a cloud from grey felt and stick this onto a sheet of blank watercolour paper to give it strength.
  12. Stick the cloud onto the carboard tube and let dry
  13. Finally add a hanging loop and create a face.
April Showers Window Hanger April Showers Window Hanger April Showers Window Hanger

Top Tip

Make sure that you place the bubble printing pot onto a tray or protected surface like a draining board as it will overflow.



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