Appliqué Ribbon Tie Bag

Keen stitchers will love whipping up this sweet applique bag, ideal for storing cosmetics or jewellery

Appliqué Ribbon Tie Bag

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Using the templates provided cut the following pieces: the small heart from pink felt, the large heart from red felt and the lace heart from white felt.
  2. Create the lace edging detail by working around the outer edge of the lace heart using the hole punch to make a small hole in each of the scallops.
  3. Place the lace heart centrally onto the lower front of a sheet of purple felt 4 cm from the bottom. Place the red heart on top and pin in place. Take a needle and thread and use a running stitch, working carefully around the outer edge of the heart to secure the two layers onto the purple felt (use a sewing machine if this is easier).
  4. Place the pink heart centrally onto the red heart and pin in place. Stitch as above.
  5. Place the two purple felt sheets with right (outer) sides together (the applique will be inside) and use a running stitch to join the two side seams and the lower seam to form the bag. Clip the seam allowance at the corners and turn through to the right side.
  6. Place a piece of ribbon centrally onto the back of the bag, 5 cm from the upper edge and pin in place. Use a running stitch to carefully secure the centre 4 cm of the ribbon to the back section of the bag only. Be careful not to stitch through both layers of the bag.
  7. Use scissors to neatly trim the top of the bag to create curved scallops. Bring the ribbons around to the front and tie in a bow to finish.
Appliqué Ribbon Tie Bag Appliqué Ribbon Tie Bag Appliqué Ribbon Tie Bag

Top Tip

You can use a dab of glue to hold the pieces of felt in place if you would rather not sew with pins!