Wooden Hessian Bunting

Decorate your house this Christmas with this festive bunting!

Wooden Hessian Bunting

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut strips of the hessian rolls in accordance with the size of the bunting, making sure that you leave enough to wrap the hessian around the edges of the wooden bunting. Approximately 3 strips of hessian are needed for 1 triangle.
  2. Using super tacky glue stick the hessian onto the wooden bunting.
  3. Once the wooden bunting is covered in the hessian you will notice the holes in the wooden bunting have been covered. Poke a sharpened pencil through the hessian and the hole in the wooden bunting to allow the bunting to be threaded onto the string.
  4. Begin to thread the bunting with the string provided in the wooden bunting pack. Once all the bunting is threaded onto the string, create a loop on either end of the string so that it can be hung.
  5. Stick the burlap bows onto the hessian covered bunting using super tacky glue and allow to dry.
  6. Finally apply the self-adhesive glitter stars on top of the burlap bows, alternating between green and red. Use a red star on the green bunting and a green star on the red bunting.
Wooden Hessian Bunting Wooden Hessian Bunting Wooden Hessian Bunting

Top Tip

To make it easier to thread the bunting wrap the end of the string with sticky tape.

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