Spelling Dice

Improve children’s vocabulary with these simple spelling dice. They are straightforward to make and can be used at home or in the classroom. It is easy to increase or decrease the difficulty level by just adding or taking one away.

Spelling Dice

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Trace the outline of the box onto the card and cut out according to the instructions. You can make the dice as big or as small as you like; bigger dice would be handy for groups or a dice activity as a class. Repeat five times to create five dice.
  2. Before you fold and stick the box together, turn the sheet over and stick some of your self-adhesive foam letters on the six faces on the back.
  3. Three of the dice should contain consonants and two should contain vowels. When making the vowel dice it is a good idea to repeat the ‘e’ unless you want to create a more challenging set of dice. To make the exercise even more difficult, increase the number of dice you are using.
  4. Once you have five letter dice, students can use them by themselves, in groups or as a class. When working as a class, elect a couple of students to throw the dice, put the letters on the board countdown style, and give them two minutes to make as many words as they can with three letters or more.
  5. To add a bit of extra competition, make a table of the letters you are using and give them scores depending on how difficult they are to use in words; an easy way of scoring is using Scrabble. Students who use all five letters should receive special recognition.

Top Tip

To mix up this project, you could use a bigger box template and draw an image with each letter on the dice – so you could draw on an apple for the letter 'A', for example.



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