Spelling Pad

Turn a simple notebook into a handy flip-game that’s really useful in showing children how to create words from letters, or for introducing them to vowels. The project is so easy to create that children can join in with making it.

Spelling Pad

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a notebook and arrange it so the spine is facing upwards. Flip it open onto a blank page. Measure across the width of the page and divide into three vertical, equal-sized sections. Taking wads of pages at a time, cut upwards along each line, so you’re left with each page cut into three.
  2. Write a consonant on each outer section in pen (using a different colour for each letter) and a vowel in the centre sections (again, using a different colour).
  3. Outline the sections with a line of colour, as shown – you can do this freehand with pen. This just makes it easier for children to distinguish between the different sections.
  4. The aim of the game is for children to keep flicking through one of the sections until they recognise the word it spells. It’s a good idea to encourage them to say whether the letter they have just turned over has created a word or not, then ask them to repeat the word they’ve made and spell it out. You can also discuss what the word means or describes as a further activity.

Top Tip

For a different look or to create a textured spelling pad so that children can trace around the 3-D letter with their finger, try using foam letter stickers instead of handwriting the letters.

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