Fruit Slice Word Game

Help children develop comprehension, letter recognition, spelling and writing skills with this colourful game. Using a fruit slice as a base, each segment has a letter. Children then need to write down as many words as they can using those four letters on a separate piece of paper

Fruit Slice Word Game

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a round green base piece from coloured foam, the size of a table coaster.
  2. Next, take red foam and cut out four segment pieces so they fit into the base slice piece, using the picture as a guide.
  3. Stick a self-adhesive letter onto each segment, using the picture as a guide. The letters you chose should form a word.
  4. Now make extra segments, these can contain any letters you like, but still only one letter per segment. You can create them in sets of four so that each set spells a word.
  5. Now mix up the letters and ask children to pick four, arrange them on the fruit slice base and see how many words they can create with the letters they have chosen.

Learning Guide

  1. Place the circular fruit bases on a flat surface and mix up the letter segments so they’re jumbled up.
  2. Set a timer and ask children to create a word on one of the bases from the selection of letters available. They have until the timer runs out.
  3. Ask them to read out their word, and spell out the letters. Then repeat for the rest of the fruit bases until each fruit slice has a word on it.
  4. To follow up, ask children to write out the words they have made on a separate piece of paper or in the workbooks.

Top Tip

Ensure the letters are positioned correctly on the segments.

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