Season Pocket Matching

This is a great way to encourage children to learn about the effects of each season by asking them to match the correct tree with the right season pocket.

Season Pocket Matching

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Divide an A4 piece of white card into four equal rectangles, as shown, using a pencil and ruler. Each square will represent a season – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.
  2. Start with the top left panel, this will represent Spring. Using the picture as a guide, colour a strip of green grass along the bottom with a layer of pink blossom on top. Draw a yellow sun in the corner with a pen, and a cloud behind it, then colour the remaining area in light blue pencil for the sky. Add raindrops with a grey pen.
  3. Next cut a panel measuring 8cm x 9cm. Draw out a flap on each long side – 1cm, and a flap along the bottom – 2cm wide. Score along the lines using a pair of scissors and a ruler and fold them over, creasing the sides first and then the bottom. This will form the pocket.
  4. Line up the pocket where you will be positioning it. Then, colour it in the match the background, as shown. When complete, use glue dots to adhere the bottom flap and sides flaps together, then use another row of glue dots to fix the pocket into place on the Spring panel.
  5. Once secured, print SPRING on the pocket in black pen, as shown. Next, using the template provided, colour the trunk of the tree with a brown pencil. Colour the leafy part of the tree green and add lots of pink blossoms, as shown. Cut out the tree and pop it in the pocket.
  6. Repeat for each section of the page, following our design as a guide, so you have a Summer picture, an Autumn picture with leaves on the ground, and a Winter picture.
  7. Use the tree template to create a tree for each season. For Summer, green leaves and apples. For Autumn, red, brown, yellow and light green leaves.
  8. To play the game, take the trees, mix them up and ask children to place the correct tree in the correct pocket by matching the tree to the correct season scene.
Season Pocket Matching Season Pocket Matching Season Pocket Matching

Top Tip

To make the trees more durable, wrap them in clear sticky tape until they’re completely covered, trimming away any excess

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