Greek Headdress

This is very easy to create, especially if you have all the leaves pre-cut or opt to use stickers instead, but is a great way to explore history through art. Having to arrange the leaves in a particular way really develops hand-eye co-ordination and children will love wearing their finished makes.

Greek Headdress

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a large paper plate and cut into the rim with scissors, then continue to cut into the plate until you reach the centre. Cut out the inner circle completely so you are just left with the outer, ridged edge.
  2. Cut a chunk out of the outer edge, where you made the original slit, about two inches wide so you now have the base of your headdress, use the picture as a guide.
  3. Select the two green sheets of foam and cut out as many simple leaf shapes as possible and try to keep them roughly the same size but they don’t need to be exact.
  4. Starting at the left- hand edge of the headdress, the open end by the gap, start arranging the leaves, overlapping each other in pairs as shown.
  5. Repeat until you get half way around the headdress, the switch to the right-hand edge by the opening and repeat to get the same effect, as shown.
  6. If some of the leaves are hanging over the edge of the headdress base and still slightly sticky, use little squares of tissue paper stuck to the reverse and trimmed around the edge to stop the sticky residue getting stuck in hair!

Top Tip

You can also combine self-adhesive felt and card with the foam to create different textures for your leaves

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