Mini Matchbox Book

All the best things come in small packages, so the old saying goes, and this cute little creation is no exception. Decorating the matchbox, then designing a fold-out concertina book that’s hidden inside the drawer is not only great fun, it gives the chance to develop lots of important skills at the same time!

Mini Matchbox Book

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Remove the drawer from a mini matchbox and put to one side. Mix the dark turquoise shade of paint with white, then apply to the top front, back and left-hand long side of the matchbox case with a sponge dabber. The top short-side, bottom short-side and right-hand long side should stay white to represent book pages, while the coloured part of the matchbox represents a book cover. Leave to dry.
  2. Take the inner drawer and measure the flat area inside. Cut an A4 strip of coloured card to fit the width and height of the inner section but make it as long as you possibly can.
  3. Press one end of the paper into the flat inner base of the matchbox draw, and fold it over to fit keep folding back and forth in a concertina fold until the whole strip is folded and can be pressed down neatly to fit inside the matchbox drawer.
  4. Secure the concertina folded strip of card to the flat inner base of the matchbox drawer with a glue dot. Now write your story, section by section with each part of the story written into one of the folded panels, as shown.
  5. Decorate the front cover of the book by adding a title to the front flat turquoise section of the matchbox case in felt pen. Decorate the spine with self-adhesive gem strips, then draw on lines around the top, right-hand side and bottom to represent pages.
  6. Fold the concertina strip down and press it back inside the matchbox drawer, then carefully slide the matchbox drawer inside the book cover case.

Top Tip

To make the project easier for younger children, you could ensure that the card strip is already cut to size so they only need to fold it.

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