Unicorn Gift Bag

Bring some magic to the party with this mystical unicorn gift bag.

Unicorn Gift Bag

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. On white foam draw a large oval that is roughly 16cm long and 11cm wide. Cut out the white foam head. Trace around the head onto the back of pink glitter foam and draw a curved line roughly 6cm up from the bottom of the oval. Cut along this curved line and around the bottom of the pink glittery oval to create the unicorn’s muzzle. Peel off the back of the muzzle and line it up to the bottom of the white oval and stick it on top.
  2. Trace and cut two 2cm long ovals from pink self-adhesive foam. Repeat this and trace and cut a 13cm long twisted unicorn horn on yellow self-adhesive glitter foam. Peel the backs off the pink foam nostrils and stick them on the top middle of the unicorn muzzle. Make sure they are evenly spaced apart. Peel and stick the unicorn horn and stick at the top middle of the head.
  3. Using a black deco pen draw two sleepy eyes with big eyelashes in the middle of the unicorn’s head. Leave for a couple of minutes to dry before continuing to next step.
  4. Trace two tall triangle shapes onto white foam. Make sure the ends of the ears are rounded off into a soft point. Cut out the foam and trace the shape of the ears onto the same shade of pink foam used for the nostrils. Redraw the shape of the ear, this time smaller, and make sure there is a 1cm gap between the large ear and the small ear. Cut out the pink ears, peel off the backs and stick them to the inside of the white ears.
  5. Peel off the back of the unicorn head and stick the ears both sides of the horn. Also, peel off the backs of the white ears. Lay the head face down (sticky side up) on a clean flat surface. Arrange purple, pink and white feathers along the side of the unicorn hear, also covering a little bit of the top of the head.
  6. Stick the finished head onto the top middle of the purple gift bag. Make sure not to stick down the gift bag strings.
Unicorn Gift Bag Unicorn Gift Bag Unicorn Gift Bag

Top Tip

Reuse old giftbags by applying a coat of paint or marker pen before crafting the unicorns head and surprise friends and family with recycled unicorn presents.