Paper Plate Unicorn Mask

Masquerade as a unicorn with this beautiful glittery unicorn stick mask. Great for party fun!

Paper Plate Unicorn Mask

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint a long bamboo stick using white acrylic paint. Leave to dry. Add another coat. Leave to dry.
  2. Using a pencil lightly draw a curved line across the bottom 1/3 of a white paper plate. Colour this bottom section of the paper plate pink by mixing red and white acrylic paint. Leave to dry.
  3. Cut a sideways oval shape from a sheet of lilac foam roughly 13cm long as shown. On the left side of the oval, cut away a curved triangle shape to make the lilac foam look like the unicorn’s mane. Draw a long thin rounded triangle shape for the unicorn horn onto the back of a sheet of self-adhesive pink glitter foam roughly 4cm wide and 13cm tall. Cut out the unicorn horn shape but do not peel off the backing.
  4. Remove a small section of the backing from the bottom part of the unicorn horn so that it can be stuck to the middle of the lilac foam mane for the top of the unicorn’s head. Stick the lilac mane and horn to the top of the paper plate in the centre using a jumbo glue stick. Leave to dry.
  5. Decorate around the bottom of the unicorn horn with self-adhesive satin gem flowers. Cut out 2 long rounded triangles for the unicorn’s ears from a sheet of white foam roughly 9cm long.
  6. Stick the bottom of the ears either side of the unicorn horn using a glue stick. Stick the ears to the back of the plate so that the ears poke out the top from the back. Draw 2 rounded triangle shapes on the back of a sheet of gold glitter foam. Cut them out and stick them on the insides of the white unicorn ears. Draw around a glue stick using a pencil onto a sheet of white foam. Draw 2 circles and cut them out. These will be used for the unicorn’s eyes.
  7. For the pupils, cut out two smaller circles from black foam and stick them onto the white circles with a glue stick. Cut out two little circles from white foam and stick them onto the top right edge of each pupil using a glue stick. Cut out two oval shapes from pink glitter foam for the nostrils. Peel off the backing and stick them onto the unicorn’s pink nose. Next cut out 4 little strips of pink glitter foam roughly 1.5cm long to use as eyelashes for the unicorn’s eyes. Peel off the backing and stick two eyelashes on each eye.
  8. Stick the top of the white bamboo stick to the back of the unicorn’s head using a few pieces of clear sticky tape to make the handle. Make sure the bamboo stick is securely attached to the mask before use.
Paper Plate Unicorn Mask Paper Plate Unicorn Mask Paper Plate Unicorn Mask

Top Tip

This craft activity is ideal for kids to make at a unicorn birthday party which they get to take home.

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