Spring Floral Crown

Create this simple floral crown with coloured hessian and felt for a boho spring look.

Spring Floral Crown

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut petal shapes from the hessian and felt, using the template as a guide. Vary the size of the petals and the amount of petals per flower.
  2. Cut leaves in varying sizes and shapes.
  3. Stick the petals together with a glue gun to create the flowers. Do this by overlapping each petal slightly, creating a fan shape, and finally wrapping together and fixing with glue.
  4. Measure a piece of wire to fit your head. Cover with ribbon. Wrap and glue with the glue gun as you go. Stick the leaves in place.
  5. Cut enough pieces of ribbon for each of your flowers about 20cm long. Fold in half and tie a knot in the folded end to make the middle of your flower. The loose ends should poke out the back. Fix with glue gun if necessary.
  6. Use the ribbon to tie the flowers in place. Any small felt flowers can be attached with the glue gun.
Spring Floral Crown Spring Floral Crown Spring Floral Crown

Top Tip

For a fuller flower, add more petals, and roll the fan shape together from the middle, gluing on the inside as you roll them together.