Snowman Bauble

Kids will love making their own snowman character baubles to hang on the Christmas tree.

Snowman Bauble

Skill Level


Time to Make

35 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Fill a half of the bauble with white pom poms, then attach the other half of the bauble.
  2. Attach the gold clip to the top of the bauble to hold it together.
  3. Push the end of a purple pipe cleaner through a large purple pom pom and bend the end over to hold it in place. Trim the end of the pipe cleaner, and attach another pom pom to this end to create the ear muffs.
  4. Attach the ear muffs to the bauble by sticking the pom poms to each side of it using glue dots.
  5. Draw on the snowman’s face using glass pens.
Snowman Bauble Snowman Bauble Snowman Bauble

Top Tip

Put as many pom poms inside the bauble as you can by holding it almost shut and pushing them through the gap.