Remembrance Day Cross

Use the Baker Ross wooden stand-up cross kit to create your own Remembrance Day Cross decorated with a miniature tissue paper poppy.

Remembrance Day Cross

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Assemble the stand up wooden cross by putting the cross into the stand.
  2. Paint the stand for the cross using gold paint. Leave to dry and add another coat. Leave to dry.
  3. Paint the cross using white acrylic paint. Leave to dry, add another coat and leave to dry.
  4. Draw 4 small circles on a sheet of red tissue paper using a pencil or a biro pen. The size of the circles will be the size of your poppy for the middle of the cross.
  5. Cut out the 4 circles. Place a small amount of glue using a glue stick into the centre of each circle and stick them on top of one another.
  6. Once the glue is dried, curl up or scrunch up the edges of each circle layer to make the layers of the petals for the poppy.
  7. Place glue in the middle of the top of the poppy and stick down a small black pom pom. Leave to dry.
  8. Place glue on the back of the poppy and stick to the middle of the wooden cross. Leave to dry.
  9. Using a black broad tip marker pen on the left side of the cross write ‘1918’ and on the right side of the cross write ‘2018’ to mark 100 years since the end of WWI.
Remembrance Day Cross Remembrance Day Cross Remembrance Day Cross

Top Tip

Using this concept, you could create a Remembrance Day Cross using white card with a ribbon hanger.