Upcycled Cards Christmas Globe Ornament

Display your old Christmas cards in a unique way by making this upcycled intricate Christmas card globe ornament! It’s a wonderful way to feature those special cards on your tree and give them a whole new life as part of your holiday decorations.

Upcycled Cards Christmas Globe Ornament

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Firstly, select your favourite Christmas cards.
  2. Then using the circle template, draw and cut out 20 identical circles (or use a compass).
  3. Cut out the equilateral triangle from the template (or draw and cut out your own).
  4. Place the equilateral triangle in the centre of the circle and draw around it.
  5. Fold along the lines of the triangle asking an adult to help score across the lines will make it easier to fold. Repeat this for each circle.
  6. Stick the folded edges together using a glue stick. If you stick 5 together in a circle shape it’ll start to form a dome, then you can continue to form the sphere.
  7. Before finishing the ornament, cut a length of ribbon, tie a knot, and stick it inside.
  8. Continue to stick all the folded sides together until the sphere is formed.
Upcycled Cards Christmas Globe Ornament Upcycled Cards Christmas Globe Ornament Upcycled Cards Christmas Globe Ornament

Top Tip

You can create smaller or larger Christmas Globe Ornaments by adjusting the size of the circles and equilateral triangle.