Mother’s Day Crackers

Surprise your Mum this Mother’s Day with these DIY Crackers made from recycled cardboard tubes.

Mother’s Day Crackers

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

20 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. To make 1 cracker you will need 2 cardboard tubes. Cut one of your cardboard tubes in half.
  2. To cut the tissue paper to size, place your cardboard tubes onto the tissue paper with the cardboard tube halves either side of the whole cardboard tube. Make sure to leave space (approximately 1.5cm) between the cardboard tubes.
  3. Using double-sided tape stick the cardboard tubes to the tissue paper and begin to roll until you can’t see the cardboard tube through the tissue paper. Cut off any excess tissue paper if you need to and stick down the end of the tissue paper to the cracker.
  4. Decorate your cracker using Deco Paint Pens, by drawing white circles and then draw small dots around the larger white circles to create a simple flower design.
  5. Decorate the ends of either side of the cracker with Pastel Self-Adhesive Gems.
  6. Create a note by cutting out a small flower from paper small enough to fit inside the cracker or the flower shape can be folded. Write ‘Top Mum or Happy Mother’s Day’ onto the flower cut-out.
  7. Fill your valentines’ crackers with your loved one’s favourite small treats and your flower note.
  8. In the areas you left space between the cardboard tubes, use ribbon to tie a bow on either side of the cracker.
  9. Alternatively, you can decorate your cracker with Pastel Self-Adhesive Flower Jewels and Pastel Glitter Foam Self-Adhesive Letters.
Mother’s Day Crackers Mother’s Day Crackers Mother’s Day Crackers

Top Tip

Use enough tissue paper so that you can’t see the cardboard tube through the tissue paper.