Moon and Star Fan Decorations

Folded fans with shiny stars and moons are simple and effective as beautiful Ramadan decorations.

Moon and Star Fan Decorations

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

2 hours + drying time for paint + glue

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use a sponge dabber to print a pattern in gold or purple paint onto a piece of A4 paper. Decorate another piece of paper in the same way to make 2 matching patterns. Each time you print, twist the dabber to lift any excess paint from the paper. Leave to dry.
  2. Place the paper with the printed side facing up. Fold up the bottom edge 2cm, make a crease then turn the paper over and repeat to make another fold. Keep making 2cm folds, turning the paper over each time into a concertina. Trim off the last folded strip if it’s shorter then the others. Repeat with the second piece of paper to make 2 matching concertinas.
  3. Fold both the concertinas in half, stick strips of double-sided strips along the inside edges, peel off the backing then stick the inside folds together to make 2 semi-circle fan shapes. Join the 2 fan shapes together with double-sided tape along just one of the outer folded edges.
  4. Stick another piece of double-sided tape along the remaining outer edge on the fan then peel off the backing. Before sticking the edges together, cut a 30-40cm length of gold cord, tie a knot to make a hanging loop then press the ends onto the sticky tape. Press the fan edges together to make a circle with the cord sandwiched between the folds. Thread metallic beads onto the cord with a knot to hold them in place.
  5. To make a moon, draw an 8cm diameter circle onto the reverse side of some metallic card then draw a smaller circle to make the crescent shape. Cut it out and glue it onto the middle of the folded circle decoration.
    To make a star, stick a glitter foam star sticker onto the shiny side of some metallic card. Use the foam shape as a guide to cut out a 1cm metallic border around the glitter sticker, or make it bigger if you prefer. Glue the star onto the middle of the folded circle decoration.
Moon and Star Fan Decorations Moon and Star Fan Decorations Moon and Star Fan Decorations

Top Tip

2 x pieces of A4 paper make a 21cm diameter circular decoration. To make a smaller-sized circle, use 2 x pieces of A5 paper (A4 cut in half) to make a 15cm diameter circle. Or try A3 paper for a larger 30cm diameter decoration. To make a circle with more folds, stick 3 fan sections together instead of 2.

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