3D Mosque Scene

Create a magical night-time scene for Ramadan with an illuminated mosque.

3D Mosque Scene

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

2 hours plus drying time for glue

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. To make the base for the scene, measure and cut an 10cm wide strip from the width of an A4 polystyrene sheet. Cut a piece of starry paper to fit the polystyrene strip then stick it down using a glue stick (or double-sided tape) so the paper doesn’t crinkle. Or, paint the base if you prefer.
  2. For the background, stick a piece of starry paper over the bigger remaining piece of polystyrene. Draw a curve at one end with the white polystyrene side facing up; you could use a plate as a guide for the curve. Save the 2 corner off-cut pieces. Squeeze glue along the bottom edge then press the background onto the base, 2cm from the edge. Glue the 2 corners pieces at the back as supports. Use a box or packet with straight sides to hold the background upright as it dries.
  3. To make the mosque shape fold a piece of A5 white card in half. Outline half a mosque to fill the card. Cut out the card then open it out into a symmetrical template. Place the card template onto the reverse (white) side of some gold glitter card (or use a different colour), draw around it then cut out the glittery mosque. Fold the sides of the mosque back so it stands up.
  4. Outline the mosque doorways then cut them out. Stick coloured tissue paper on the reverse side to cover the door holes. For added strength, stick a thin strip of tissue paper or paper across the bottom of the doors on the reverse side.
  5. Cut out 2 matching minarets from glittery card. Decorate the mosque and minarets with strips of glitter card and gems. Glue the minarets onto the background then stand the mosque in front.
  6. Place 3 x LED tea lights behind the mosque so the light shines through the doors.
3D Mosque Scene 3D Mosque Scene 3D Mosque Scene

Top Tip

The mosque can be glued to the base with enough space for the tea lights or leave it unstuck so it can be easily moved.

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