Lino Printed Fish

Have a go at creating your own lino print gold fish using a method known as reduction printing where the lino is carved away each print .

Lino Printed Fish

Skill Level

Medium - Hard

Time to Make

1 Hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

I would suggest printing a few sheets of each layer as you can not go backwards with this method.

  1. Trace the template onto tracing paper using graphite pencil.
  2. Turn this over onto the lino and colour over the line again printing the design on to the lino, go over this in biro so its easily visible and won’t rub off while you are carving.
  3. First carve away the background leaving the fish silhouette paint this yellow and print it into the centre of your card.
  4. IMPORTANT- BEFORE LIFTING IT. Mark where the corners are with masking tape so that you can line it up perfectly the second time.
  5. Now wipe the yellow paint off the lino with a damp cloth or wet wipe.
  6. Now carve the fishes face and fins away
  7. Paint this orange and print directly over the yellow on your picture.
  8. Try this with fish in other colours
Lino Printed Fish Lino Printed Fish Lino Printed Fish

Top Tip

lino is much easier and safer to carve when its warm .



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