Seashell Lino Prints

Shellebrate the summer months by creating these beachy lino prints to bring some sunshine to your walls.

Seashell Lino Prints

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Print off the template and trace over it using tracing paper and a pencil. Once completed, flip the tracing paper over onto a piece of lino, so that the side you drew on is facing down onto the lino. Trace over the markings you just created on the side facing upwards so that your pencil markings print onto the lino.
  2. Remove the tracing paper and gouge into the lino over pencil markings. Gouge away from your hand – always keep your hand behind where you are cutting to prevent any accidents.
  3. Once you have cut out the whole pattern, put a thumb sized blob of ink into a tray. You can use multiple colours and a paint brush to mix a new colour if you wish. Roll one of your rollers into the ink, until the ink has spread evenly onto the tray and the roller is covered in the ink.
  4. Roll the ink onto the lino until it is completely covered (except the gouged-out parts). Flip the lino onto a piece of white card, face down in the centre. Use the clean roller to roll onto the back – this applies pressure to make sure the ink prints properly onto the card. Peel the lino off the card and leave the print to dry. Wash your piece of lino with water and soap so that you can reuse it for future prints.
Seashell Lino Prints Seashell Lino Prints Seashell Lino Prints

Top Tip

Apply lots of pressure to the pencil when tracing both times, so that the markings print well onto the lino.