Kumihimo Rope Friendship Bracelet

Use a circle of card and a simple method to create this beautiful woven bracelet.

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision


Kumihimo Rope Friendship Bracelet

Top Tip

Dangle your threads over an open space as you weave your bracelet to help prevent tangling.

How to Make

  1. Fold a piece of card in half, then in half again the other way. Cut along the fold lines to make 4 pieces. Glue the pieces together to make one thick piece, then draw around a cup to make a circle and cut it out with scissors.
  2. With your pencil, make a dot in the middle of your circle, then use a ruler to draw four lines through the centre to make 8 equal sections. With your scissors, snip into the edge 1-2cms down each pencil line. Using a sharp pencil or a needle, pierce a hole in the centre of the circle.
  3. Choose seven colours of embroidery thread. Measure and cut each of them 90cms long. Gather the ends together neatly and make a knot, leaving a tail of roughly 8cms and thread the bracelet threads through the hole in the circle (use a pencil to widen the hole if needed).
  4. With the knot and tail on the underside of the circle, place each thread into the slots. There will be one left empty.
  5. With the empty slot facing you, take the third thread from the left out of its slot and bring it into the empty one. Turn the circle so that the new empty slot is facing you and repeat. Continue around the circle to make the length of the bracelet, pulling the tail every now and then and untangling any threads if necessary until you have woven the whole bracelet. Bracelet lengths can be somewhere between 16 and 22cms, so it is best to measure your wrist first. If you don’t have a tape measure, wrap a piece of string your wrist, mark or cut it and then measure that with a ruler.
  6. To finish, remove the threads from the slots and tie a knot to secure your bracelet. Measure an 8cm tail and cut the rest off with scissors. Tie the bracelet on in a double knot.