Iris Folding Lolly Decoration

This clever paper folding technique creates a beautiful spiral in the centre of the lolly, making the perfect Summer decoration to hang up on display!

Iris Folding Lolly Decoration

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

20 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

    1. Take a piece of white card and cut out the lolly from the middle so that you just have a lolly shaped hole in the centre of the card.
    2. Now cut out strips of coloured paper roughly 2 cm wide
    3. Fold each of these in half along the long edge
    4. Now turn the card to the reverse side and stick one strip with the folded edge in over the cut out. You only want these strips to overlap by a small amount so that you can only see the folded edge.
    5. Continue layering these over each other moving forward and round into a spiral.

Stick each one down with masking tape.

  • When you only have a small space left in the middle stick the last one completely covering the hole.
  • Now stick another sheet of card over the back to sandwich the messy part in
  • Using the template again cut out the lolly shape so that the boarder around the iris folding is also lolly shaped.
  • Add a ribbon to hang.


Iris Folding Lolly Decoration Iris Folding Lolly Decoration Iris Folding Lolly Decoration

Top Tip

Experiment with taking the paper in different directions to create different patterns.