Highland Cow Pom Pom

As Burns Night nears, this fun and easy Highland Cow pom pom decoration is an ideal craft to create for the occasion! It’s an easy and fun craft for kids.

Skill Level


Time to Make

15 mins

Adult Supervision


FREE Template


Highland Cow Pom Pom

Top Tip

You can make larger highland cow pom-pom using the different sized pom pom makers.

How to Make

Step 1

Highland Cow Pom Pom

Step 2

Highland Cow Pom Pom

Step 3

Highland Cow Pom Pom

  1. Firstly, using the template draw and cut out the horn and nose from self-adhesive felt or draw your own.
  2. Using the smallest, green pom pom maker create a brown pompom by wrapping the wool then putting the pom-pom maker together.
  3. Then, cut through your yarn, following the groove in the middle of the pom-pom maker.
  4. To bind the two sides of your pom-pom together, cut a length of yarn and wrap it around the groove that runs between the two sides and tie a knot. Carefully remove the pom-pom maker from your pom-pom.
  5. Trim your pom pom for a neater finish.
  6. Wrap a length of orange wool around the middle of the horns and draw nostrils and a smile on the nose.
  7. Lastly, stick the horns and nose onto the highland cow using super tacky glue and add some wiggle eyes.