Pom Pom Haggis

Craft your own whimsical and woolly pom pom Haggis mascot! Despite haggis being a dish made from lamb and oatmeal, there’s a belief among some that the haggis is a mythical creature residing in Scotland’s highlands.

Pom Pom Haggis

Skill Level


Time to Make

15 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Firstly, begin by opening your pom-pom maker (use the largest size), and wind the yarn around one half of the pom pom maker.
  2. On the other half of the pom pom maker, bend one of your pipe cleaners over the pom pom maker and wind your wool around it, to hold it in place. Repeat with your second pipe-cleaner and continuing winding your wool.
  3. Then, click the two sides of your pom-pom maker together and cut through your yarn, following the groove in the middle of the pom-pom maker.
  4. To bind the two sides of your pom-pom together, cut a length of yarn and wrap it around the groove that runs between the two sides and tie a knot.
  5. Carefully remove the pom-pom maker from your pom-pom. It’s believed that the haggis looks wild, and woolly so don’t trim your pom pom too much!
  6. Attach the wiggle eyes and twist the pipe-cleaners to give your haggis feet.
Pom Pom Haggis Pom Pom Haggis Pom Pom Haggis

Top Tip

You can carefully pull the wool of the pom pom to make your haggis appear a bit wilder and woollier!