Hessian Tree Ornament

Simple circles of adhesive hessian are altered to create a simple yet striking decoration for your tree

Hessian Tree Ornament

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

How to Make

  1. Use a saucer, cup and egg cup to cut six circles from the hessian sheets – two large, two medium and two small. Set one large circle aside, make small cuts onto each of the remaining circles along the radius.
  2. Remove the backing from the larger circle and wrap it around the polystyrene ball to form a cone, secure the hessian at the back where it overlaps. Repeat to add two cones with the medium circles.
  3. Trim a 20cm length of ribbon and knot to form a loop, wrap the remaining small circle onto the top of the tree shape and inserting the knotted ribbon loop in the centre before securing the overlap at the back.
  4. With small dabs of hot glue secure a collection of white pom poms randomly around the surface of the tree, allow the glue to dry fully.
  5. Remove the backing from the remaining large circle and secure in place over the base of the tree to cover the polystyrene ball, make small snips into the circle to ease it to fit.
Hessian Tree Ornament Hessian Tree Ornament Hessian Tree Ornament

Top Tip

Press the hessian down firmly to ensure that the self-adhesive backing is fully secure before placing the next piece.