Handprint Lily Bouquet

This pastel-coloured handprint bouquet will be a gorgeous keepsake for a flower-loving Mum or Nan on Mother’s Day.

Handprint Lily Bouquet

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Choose 4 sheets of pastel coloured paper and place in one pile. Draw around your hand 2 times.
  2. Keeping the paper together, cut around your hand shapes, to make 8 hands in total.
  3. To make your stem, thread 4 yellow glitter flower pony beads onto a green pipe-cleaner. Fold the top 1cm over and tuck it in to the top bead, to keep it in place.
  4. Cut a piece of double-sided tape and place it at the bottom right-hand side of the hand shape. Place the stem on the right-hand side and roll the paper over it. Keep rolling until it is secured by the tape to form the base of the lily.
  5. To curl the flowers petals, use a thin paintbrush to roll down each finger.
  6. Repeat steps 3, 5 & 6 for each flower until you have all 8 finished.
  7. Arrange your stalks together.
  8. Cut a piece of ribbon 60-70cms long and place the middle at the base of the bunch of flowers. Wrap around several times and then secure in a bow to finish your bouquet.
Handprint Lily Bouquet Handprint Lily Bouquet Handprint Lily Bouquet

Top Tip

You could try creating different flowers to make a more varied bouquet for that special someone!