Dinosaur Handprint Cards

Kids will have great fun making their very own handprint dinosaur cards.  Easy to make and great for sending to family, friends and dinosaur fans!

Dinosaur Handprint Cards

Skill Level


Time to Make

25 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Fold an A4 piece of coloured card in half. Then lining your wrist up along the fold, spread your fingers out slightly, draw around your hand and cut the shape out.
  2. Cut out the dinosaur head piece using the same coloured card and stick a piece of double sided tape along the bottom of the neck.
  3. With the fingers at the bottom, stick the head piece to the side of the card handprint, making sure that this is stuck on the opposite side of where the thumb shape is because this will become the dinosaurs tail.
  4. Turn the card over, peel off the self-adhesive backing from two wiggle eyes and stick these in place.
  5. With a thin black pen, draw two nostrils and a mouth onto the face.
  6. To finish, apply glue dots to the back of some mini pom poms and then stick these to the front of your card.
Dinosaur Handprint Cards Dinosaur Handprint Cards Dinosaur Handprint Cards

Top Tip

To turn your dinosaur handprint into a greeting card, remember to fold the piece of card in half first and then draw around your hand with your wrist on the fold line.