Chick & Bunny Printing

Create these chick and bunny stamps from recycled cardboard tubes to create the sweetest Easter picture!

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 mins

Adult Supervision


Chick & Bunny Printing

Top Tip

To create pastel colours, mix any paint with white paint.

How to Make

Step 1

Chick & Bunny Printing

Step 2

Chick & Bunny Printing

Step 3

Chick & Bunny Printing

  1. Firstly, create the bunny stamp by cutting 2 cardboard tubes in half.
  2. Squeeze two of the cardboard tubes in half to create ear shapes.
  3. Stick two circle shaped cardboard tubes together and the ear shapes on top of the head. Make sure the edges all align so that it creates an even print.
  4. Once the cardboard tubes are stuck together, dip the bunny in white paint, making sure the edges are completely covered.
  5. Place the stamp, paint side down on pastel blue A4 card, apply even pressure and then remove to reveal the bunny print.
  6. For the chicks dip the end of another cardboard tube into pastel yellow paint. Place the stamp, paint side down, apply even pressure and then remove to reveal the chick/circle print.
  7. Paint the bunny and chicks’ details using pastel pink and orange paint.
  8. Draw the chicks’ legs and the bunny’s mouth and whiskers with a fine black pen and stick on wiggle eyes.
  9. For the grass, dip a fork in green paint and make the marks on the bottom of the page.