Cardboard Tube Robins

Transform recycled cardboard tubes into adorable festive robins and let them bring a twinkling sparkle to your decorations this year! This fun craft also teaches the importance of recycling and creativity.

Cardboard Tube Robins

Skill Level


Time to Make

15 Minutes per bird

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take one cardboard tube and squash one end together, glue this and peg it so it dries together.
  2. Cut a small triangle from brown card
  3. With the other end of the tube squeeze it together in the opposite direction and trim it rounded (think of one being vertical and one horizontal)
  4. Pinch the triangle beak into the tube before gluing and peg to hold while it dries
  5. Once dry use glue to make a read breast and glitter this
  6. Stick on a wiggle eye
Cardboard Tube Robins Cardboard Tube Robins Cardboard Tube Robins

Top Tip

Dry the glitter with the bird upside down so it doesn’t roll and make a mess.