Beaded Braid Bracelet

Add a handful of beads to a simple braid for this quick-make stylish accessory

Beaded Braid Bracelet

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

How to Make

  1. Cut three 1m lengths of thread and fold them in half. Tie a knot at the top of the fold to create a small loop; this will be the fastening.
  2. Divide the strands into three sets of two strands and braid for 1cm.
  3. Thread a metallic bead onto the centre strand and slide up to the base of the braid, continue braiding for another 1cm, ensuring the braid is worked to hold the bead snugly in place.
  4. Continue adding beads and braiding for 1cm to add an additional five beads, so there are six beads on the bracelet in total.
  5. Braid the strands for a further 1cm and tie a large knot at the base of the braid to secure.
  6. Divide the strands into two sections each with three strands – these will form the bracelet ties. Working on each set in turn, braid for 12cm and tie a knot to the base of the braid to secure it. Slide a bead onto the ends and push up against the knot. Tie a second knot to hold the braid in place and neatly trim the tails of thread. Repeat to the second tie to complete the bracelet.
Beaded Braid Bracelet Beaded Braid Bracelet Beaded Braid Bracelet

Top Tip

A safety pin can be used to secure the looped ends of the bracelet to a cushion or even your clothing to hold the threads steady while you work the braids

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