Autumnal Windsock

Make an autumnal windsock for some colourful outdoor play.

Autumnal Windsock

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut two different colours of tissue paper into strips of 3cm and approx. 25cm in length and put to one side. Approximately 6 in total.
  2. Cut a 3cm wide strip of foam approx. 20cm in length and put to one side. You can use serrated edge scissors if you have any, or regular scissors are fine too.
  3. Cut a strip of double sided tape and affix onto one edge of your A4 paper, attach the opposite edge to the tape creating a cylinder shape.
  4. Using your tape fix your strips inside the bottom of your cylinder alternating the colours
  5. Using your tape attach your foam handle to the top, sticking the edge on the inside.
  6. Take your windsock outside and watch it work it’s magic in the breeze!
Autumnal Windsock Autumnal Windsock Autumnal Windsock

Top Tip

Make sure you roll your A4 paper horizontally for a short and wide windsock.

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