3D Paper Bunny Ornament

Get extra creative this Easter and make your very own cute 3D bunny from pastel card.

3D Paper Bunny Ornament

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. For the body cut 4 long strips of yellow card (length of A4 paper by 1.5cm).
  2. Make a cross with 2 of the strips, sticking them with double-sided tape. Stick the other two strips diagonally to the cross making a snowflake shape.
  3. To make the paper ball, glue the strips together, forming loops until all of the strips are glued together.
  4. To create the head, repeat steps 1,2 and 3 but use 4 shorter strips of card (approximately 20cm in length by 1.5cm).
  5. Stick the small paper ball on top of the larger paper ball.
  6. Using the template draw and cut around the bunny’s paws, ears, and mouth from yellow card. Then draw and cut out the inner ears and nose from pink card.
  7. Using the template cut out a circle from green card for the bunny to sit on.
  8. Stick the nose onto the muzzle and then draw 3 white dots either side using a white deco paint pen. Stick this to the lower half of the bunny’s face.
  9. Stick wiggly eyes above the muzzle and nose.
  10. For the ears, fold the bottom of the yellow ears to create a flap for the ears to stick. Then stick the pink inner ears to the yellow ear. When the ears are complete, stick them to the top of the bunny’s head.
  11. For the circle paws draw a heart and 3 dots above using a white deco pen.
  12. For the larger paws draw an oval and 3 dots above.
  13. Stick the smaller circle paws towards the top of the body and then the larger, oval paws towards the bottom of the body.
  14. Stick a large white pom pom at the back of the bunny for the tail.
  15. Lastly, stick the complete bunny to the green circle so that the bunny can sit without wobbling.
3D Paper Bunny Ornament 3D Paper Bunny Ornament 3D Paper Bunny Ornament

Top Tip

When sticking the pieces together hold them down for a few seconds to make sure they are secure.



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