Season Tree Project

The changing of the seasons is a great activity theme for a classroom, group or home educating session. This project uses an array of creative essentials to make up a folded book that gives children a tree-shaped page for each season. They can decorate the pages to highlight the characteristics of each particular season, showing how the landscape changes for each one by using stickers, pens, pencils and gems.

Season Tree Project

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Using the template draw and cut out 2 tree shapes from green card and 2 tree shapes from blue card.
  2. Using the template draw and cut out 2 short trunks from light brown card and 2 trunks with branches from dark brown card.
  3. Stick the trees and trunks together with double sided tape.

  4. Spring page

  5. For spring, using the template draw and cut out a bird from blue foam. Then draw a wing with pen, add a wiggle eye and colour the beak in yellow. Next make a small nest by cutting out small strips of brown card or felt. Stick the flowers, bird and birds’ nest to the treetop, and spell spring with foam letters on the trunk (in pink or purple).

    Summer page

  6. For Summer, decorate the treetop with green leaves and the trunk with sunflowers and the word summer (in blue).

  7. Autumn page

  8. For Autumn, decorate the treetop with autumn leaves and the trunk with the word Autumn (in yellow) and autumn leaves beneath it.

  9. Winter Page

  10. For winter, decorate the treetop with a white deco pen to make snowy branches, and at the base of the tree draw a layer of snow and fill it in. Use snowflakes to decorate the treetop and trunk. You can add gems to the snowflakes. Spell winter on the trunk (in white).
  11. Turn to the front of the tree and write ‘Emma’s Season Tree’ with an orange deco pen.

Top Tip

You could also try this as a group activity, encouraging each group to decorate a book together before presenting the finished item to the rest of the class.



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